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  • 03.2017 A new 2017 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published.
  • 04.2016 A new 2016 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published.
  • 10.2015 Рublished an article in "Microelectronics" journal.
  • 10.2015 Our company has changed legal and postal address.
  • 09.2015 New 2016 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published.
  • 06.2015 Design Center KM211 took part in the Semicon Russia 2015 exhibition.
  • 04.2015 
  • KM211 celebrates the 5 anniversary of the foundation
  • 03.2015 KM211 joined the SD Association
  • 12.2014 Design Center KM211 congratulates Customers and Partners with a Happy New Year! Inspite of all the temporary difficulties, we wish the next year to be productive and meet all our expectations! Friends and colleagues, have a good health and success in all your businesses !!!
  • 12.2014 KMx32 SDK renewed
  • 12.2014 Android KitKat ported to the KVARC microprocessor architecture.
  • 10.2014 Embedded OS successfully ported to the SIM cards. SIM card handed over first Russian customers
  • 09.2014 New 2015 Year TSMC Cybershuttle shedule published.
  • 09.2014 KM211 design House deliver to the customer SoC based on your own processor architecture and manufactured by TSMC 180 nm process
  • 09.2014 KM211 company participated in the SEMICON Taiwan exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 07.2014 Moscow, Russia: KM211 Company participated in TSMC Technology Symposium
  • 06.2014 Company KM211 participated in TSMC Technology Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 06.2014 Completed the development of Floating Point Unit IP core conforming to IEEE 754-2008 standard.
  • 03.2014 New performance values ​​for KMX32 cores achieved.
  • 01.2014 Design center KM211 together with "Minerva" company develops a H.265 codec including Low-latency signal processing mode (Low Latency Profile).
  • 06.2010 SEMICON Russia 2010 conference participation
  • 05.2010 NDA with JSC MIKRON signed
  • 03.2010 "Designing with ARM" seminar attended